[FAQ] I am not 40 years old. Will this program still work for me?

Question: I am not 40 years old. Will this program still work for me?

Answer: Yes, absolutely!

The FF30X program is targeted at men over 40, purely because it is designed to be simple, safe, and sustainable. 

However, it can be used by men of any age. The program serves to be simple enough to fit into a hectic schedule, safe for those who do not want the stress of high impact workouts or that have stiff or sore joints, and sustainable by building long-term healthy habits.

Through my experience and that of the rest of my team, we have seen that men over 40 are those in most need of this type of program. It is certainly not a pre-requisite for joining the program though, and we welcome anyone that wishes to join us and transform their health and lifestyle.

Keep getting after it!
-The FFP Training Staff

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