Do Testosterone Boosters Work? I've heard conflicting info on different videos from Dr. A. If they do work, what makes the Fit Father Test Booster different?

"Hey FFP Team, I am very interested in trying the Fit Father Test Booster RX. I've seen some articles and videos from Dr. A mentioning that Test Boosters may not work. Do they work? And what makes Fit Father Test Booster different from other products that may not work?"

Answer from the desk of Dr. Balduzzi:
This is a fantastic question. What I've said in past videos and articles is true... most "testosterone booster" supplements are a waste of money; they are NOT using ingredients based on hard, scientific research... and these low-quality supplements are almost always a combination of under-dosed herbs (like Tribulus Terrestris) that can boost your libido BUT have no actual improvements to your testosterone levels.

That said, there is a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and plant-derived compounds that is research-proven to boost Free and Total Testosterone. And because protecting and increasing Testosterone level is so helpful for men as we age... our FFP Team decided to formulate a natural testosterone booster that was actually backed by research to work. That's why we formulated Test Booster RX (TBRX) with 2 different classes of ingredients:

1) Fit Father Test Booster RX (TBRX) contains the proven vitamins & minerals that help the body produce testosterone - specifically:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc & Magnesium (commonly referred to as "ZMA" when given togather)
  • Shilajit (a mineral resin from the Himalayas that's rich in fulvic acid)
  • Boron (a rare micro-mineral that increases testosterone free & total at the dosages we include in TBRX)

Here are some of the research-links backing the effectiveness of these ingredients:

** Fit Father Test Booster RX (TBRX) includes ALL of these proven vitamins & minerals in their research-backed dosages.**

2) In addition to the vitamin & mineral blend, TBRX also has proven herbs that help the body produce Testosterone naturally AND body DECREASE the damaging effects of cortisol (the body's stress hormone which inhibits testosterone production). There are two main powerful herbs that drive TBRX's effectivess:

  • Ashwagandha (KSM-66) - we use the highest-quality, patented version of Ashwagandha named KSM-66 with a ton of research supporting it's effectiveness for improving testosterone, strength, sleep, muscle mass, and memory.
  • Longjack (LJ-100) - this herb is a libido & blood-flow enhancer more than an actual testosterone booster, but we like the research and it's synergistic effects so we decided to include it in the TBRX formula.

Here are some of the research-links backing the effectiveness of these ingredients:

** Fit Father Test Booster RX (TBRX) includes both Ashwagandha (KSM-66) and Longjack in the research-backed dosages.**

You can see the full TBRX label here.

You can see the full product label and buy TBRX here.

3) Here is a video of Dr. A explaining the theory & design behind why Test Booster RX (TBRX) is so effective compared to "run of the mill" testosterone boosting supplements:

We hope this was valuable info! 

Your friends in Health & Longevity,
- The Fit Father Project
Customer Success Team