Am I supposed to take Test Booster RX in the morning or at night?

"Hey FFP Team, am I supposed to take TBRX in the morning or night? I see that the label on the bottle says take 4 caps in the morning... and I've seen in Dr. A's video recommendations that he recently says to take it at night. What should I do?"

Short Answer:
We have updated our recommendations; we suggest you take 4 caps of TBRX at night for the best benefits.

Longer Answer:
When we initially created Test Booster RX (TBRX), we recommend guys take it in the morning because (in addition to increasing your body's natural testosterone production), TBRX also decreases stress and gives you a calmer mood which will benefit you during the day.

But then we saw some research in  The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showing that Men 40+ have the lowest testosterone production AT NIGHT (see full study here). This is a uniquely damaging effect that happens as men age.

This decrease in T-production at night for guys 40+ is a big problem we wanted to address, because, at night, your body is supposed to naturally regenerate, repair muscles, burn fat, and get ready for the next day. Testosterone plays a huge role in your body's nighttime repair, so we want to optimize your night-time testosterone production as you age so your levels properly peak the next day. That is why we updated our recommendations to take TBRX at night.

Also, one of the powerful ingredients inside TBRX called KSM-66 (Ashwagandha) actually ENHANCES the quality and depth of your sleep too, which is another big benefit of taking TBRX at night.

See some of the research backing KSM-66 here:

And the great news is that KSM-66 is only ONE of the 9 research-backed ingredients inside TBRX.

Can you take TBRX in the morning? Absolutely. It will still benefit you and your testosterone production. We just now know that TBRX will give you unique and powerful benefits if you start taking it at night.

Future labels of TBRX on our next production run will provide instructions to take TBRX at night before bed.

Also note: TBRX is the type of supplement that gets better over time as it builds up your body. Take TBRX for 8-weeks (the research-backed timeframe) and you will achieve a noticeable difference in your vitality, energy, stress levels, strength, and lean muscle mass.

We hope this guide helps clear up any confusion!

We always keep up to date on the latest & greatest information, and sometimes that means we update our recommendations for you. Integrity and excellence are two of our team's core values. We will always provide both to you.

It's our honor to be of service to you.

- The Fit Father Project 
Customer Success Team