Do I need to cycle Test Booster RX? If so, how often?

"Hey FFP Team, do I need to cycle Test Booster RX? If so, how often should I cycle it?"

Short Answer:
We recommend you take TBRX for 8-weeks on (2 bottles) and then take 2-4 weeks on to let your body reset.

Longer Answer:
Unlike steroids or hormone pills, shots, and creams... Test Booster RX will NOT suppress your body's natural testosterone production. In fact, TBRX does the exact opposite... it enhances your body's own natural testosterone production. That said, it still is a good idea to give your body a break every 2-months to allow your androgen receptors (Testosterone receptors) and your increases Testosterone levels some time to return closer to baseline. That's why we recommend you follow the the 2 months ON, 2 - 4 weeks OFF approach when using TBRX for the best long-term results. 

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- The Fit Father Project 
Customer Success Team