Is SuperFuel OK and safe with somebody with gout?

"Is SuperFuel OK and safe for somebody with gout?"

Yes! SuperFuel Whey and Plant-Based versions are low in purines (the compounds that cause gout flares - which are highest in meat and seafood).  If you have gout, taking SuperFuel should cause no issues for you. 

In fact, it may actually be helpful.

Getting your protein from SuperFuel (as opposed to heavy meat intake) may actually reduce the number of gout flares you have as it will reduce the amount of purines & uric acid your body needs to deal with. If you are having a current gout flare, make sure to consult with your doctor for the best course of treatment. SuperFuel is safe when taken with common gout medications like Allopurinol.

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- The Fit Father Project 
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