Why does SuperFuel Chocolate show 2g of sugar on the label?

Hey FFP Team, I noticed that the latest SuperFuel chocolate bottle I received shows that the label has 2g sugar. Why is that? My last bottle listed 1g sugar?

Great question! 

Long story short: we are always looking to source the best whey protein on the market. This fluctuates a lot based on the protein supply chain/availability ( especially during all this crazy COVID stuff).
This past year, we sourced an even better whey in the new Chocolate SuperFuel. This new whey we sourced has a slightly different taste profile... so we made some adjustments to the flavoring to make it taste amazing like all versions of SuperFuel we release.
The reflavoring project landed us at the "2g sugar" on the label. The great news is that it's actually  LESS than 2g (it's a bit over 1g... yet we are legally required to round up to 2g since it's over 1g total). Hope that makes sense!
Also, next update on SuperFuel: we are going to further enhance and expand the vitamin & mineral profile. That will likely happen later this year. 
Yours in Gratitude & Health,
The Fit Father Project Team