What is the difference between FF30X and Old School Muscle?

Question: We often get asked, "I'm interested in joining the FFP. What's the difference between FF30X and Old School Muscle (OSM)?"

FF30X is our flagship program geared for the following: 
  • Primary Goal: Fat Loss & Weight Loss
  • Primary Goal: To help you build the foundational eating, exercise, and accountability habits that will allow you to finally get the weight off and stay healthy long-term.
  • Primary Goal: Get you motivated and keep you accountable.
  • Secondary Goal: Build muscle and strength.
FF30X is our most-popular program (by far) largely because it covers the entire gamut of foundational health education in a very simple, action-oriented program - including topics on: 
  • best supplements for men 40+
  • how to properly do cheat meals
  • how alcohol and fat loss mix
  • and of course... the actual meal plans, workouts, & accountability coaching.
FF30X is adaptable for continued training beyond the initial 30-day cycle, although we do have a Phase #2 program that many of our members move on to.
Old School Muscle (OSM):
Old School Muscle is our  muscle building specific program for men 40+. 
It is truly a more advanced 8-week weightlifting program - geared to increase strength and muscle mass - in a consistent, progressive, and joint-friendly way. Like FF30X, OSM also includes a meal plan, workout tracking, and accountability.
The OSM Program is designed for guys who are under 15% bodyfat and want to make putting on lean muscle and getting stronger a PRIMARY GOAL. Most of our OSM Program members have gone through FF30X first, because the program does require prior weightlifting experience (which we cover in FF30X).
If you are a lean man over 40 who needs to gain muscle/weight then Old School Muscle could be right for you.
The vast majority of cases, I recommend FF30X first to help guys lean out a bit and prime their bodies for the muscle building in OSM.
I hope this helps!
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi