What makes FF30X any different than other weight loss programs?

Answer from the desk of: Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Creator of FF30X & Founder of The Fit Father Project

I get asked this question by guys all the time...

"Dr. Anthony... what makes FF30X any different than other weight loss programs that promise that their solution is 'the best'?"

I love this question and healthy skepticism, because it's 100% true and justified.

There are a ton of crap gimmicky weight loss programs out there with flashy guarantees, photoshopped before & after pics etc.
The bottom line:
Our Fit Father 30X program is damn effective (that's why we guarantee substantial weight loss results) ... but the program is far from "magic."
In designing FF30X, I wanted to give you the exact TOOLS you need to actually lose weight (and keep it off) - specifically:
  • our simple Fit Father Meal Plan ... that will help you lose weight - while actually enjoying sticking to healthier eating long-term.
  • our time-efficient FF30X workouts to help boost your metabolism and build lean muscle.
  • expert coaching to help you get and stay motivated throughout the program.
Again, we give you the tools with FF30X. Other good programs (as rare as they are) provide these core tools too.
Most crap weight loss products out there are just isolated diets, gimmicky supplements, or complicated workouts that neglect the holistic "big picture" of what it really takes to lose weight.
All that said... 
Even with the best tools, you still need to work the program.
FF30X (or any other program) will NOT work if you don't put in the work.
On that (very important) note: I suppose what makes FF30X much more effective & different than other weight loss programs is that we actually walk you through the entire program via accountability email training (messaging you every day with tips & support throughout the entire program).
As I hinted at to you above, one of the big problems with 99% of exercise DVDs/diets/weight loss programs is that there is no accountability and engagement.
The workout DVD sits in the plastic wrap. The diet book sits on the shelf.
We fix that lack of accountability with our email system and world-class support team.
Based on the starting stats of thousands of guys who have gone through the program, most guys lose between 15-20lbs in the first month.
More importantly than the weight loss you will experience is the fact that you'll have a ton of momentum coming out of FF30X to sustain your progress for the months and years ahead.
I hope this helps provide some perspective.
FF30X is something that took me and my team years to develop - testing on thousands of guys - so I'm 100% confident in saying that I know the program will help you tremendously.
No magic. No gimmicks. Just a solid program with good coaching to back it up.
Whether or not you choose to join, I'm glad you found the Fit Father Project, my friend.
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi