Meal Info for Truck Drivers

First of all, we at the Fit Father Project commend you for taking the initiative to help reclaim your health and your life. As a truck driver though, you are probably tied to the wheel a good amount of the day and your meals may be limited. However, that doesn't mean you have an impossible journey ahead! 

We offer specific meal plans because some guys need that specific direction and something to strive for. However, guys who have "different" schedules like yourself may need to stay a bit more flexible. The EXACT meal plan isn't as important as finding a daily/weekly schedule that fits your needs. When staying flexible, you may need to shift around some meals or perhaps even combining some meals/snacks into one if that is what your schedule dictates. The basic premise is to eat in roughly 4-hour chunks, with a mini-meal/snack between meals if necessary (the window is 5+ hours and you can't wait). Additionally, keeping your breakfast a bit lower-carb will also help maximize a fat-burning effect you started the night before. But if you need to make some swaps or merge meals or eat when you can, so be it! At the end of the day, it's all about calories consumed vs. calories expended. As long as you are making healthy choices and getting consistent workouts completed, that's what we care most about!

See below for some travel tips that can help you on the road:

  • Get yourself a cooler and prepare meals in bulk before your trip. Divide out portions into separate containers so you'll have them ready to roll (some of them taste pretty good cold too!).
  • Ensure you have multiple water bottles filled and ready for your long drives. 
  • Have a surplus of healthy snacks on hand such as: Quest protein bars, cut-up veggies, apples, berries, low-sugar/no artificial junk jerky, almonds/walnuts, packets of salmon.
  • Use Intermittent Fasting to help burn additional fat while removing the need to eat at certain times. This simply means delaying breakfast during your morning hours, having your first meal roughly 16-hours after your last meal the night before.
  • Create your very own DIY Travel Meal that Dr. A discusses, as well as other handy travel tips, in our amazing travel guide:
  • Additionally, check out this Truck Driver guide we have created for additional ideas: