Do I need to take an Estrogen Blocker while taking Test Booster RX?

"Hey FFP Team, do I need to take an estrogen blocker while I'm taking Test Booster RX? I know that with some Testosterone products it's a good idea because Testosterone can convert to estrogen, which I don't want."

Short Answer:
Great news! You DO NOT need to take an estrogen blocker with Test Booster RX, because the Boron (one of the powerful ingredients) inside TBRX is a natural estrogen blocker/balancer. And the ingredients inside TBRX are natural and non-hormonal so they do not require an estrogen blocker like you would likely need if using Testosterone shots, pills, creams.

Longer Answer:
The powerful formulation inside Test Booster RX boost testosterone naturally by stimulating your body's own natural production. This is different than taking exogenous Testosterone through shots, pills, or creams which can shut down your body's natural testosterone production and elevate your body's T-levels to a degree that can cause a conversion of Testosterone to estrogen. TBRX does not cause this estrogen converting effect.

Additionally, TBRX contains powerful ingredients that are natural anti-estrogens (Boron in particular), so you 

In this 2010 study, researchers found that in addition to boosting Free and Total Testosterone levels, the Boron inside TBRX has been proven by research to naturally reduce estrogen levels as well. In fact, this same study showed that just 1 week of Boron supplementation decreased serum estradiol levels by a whopping 39%.

Research in this area is just beginning, but it appears that boron-containing compounds may beneficially modulate estrogen receptors by selectively binding to Estrogen Receptors (ER). This also makes Boron an exciting compound that may prove very beneficial for improving prostate health in men 50+ as the estrogen receptors in the prostate are one of the biggest contributors to prostate growth and potential cancer formation.

Rest assured: you do not need to use an anti-estrogen with TBRX. By it's very design, TBRX has the ingredients that improve testosterone and estrogen levels safely and naturally.

We do recommend you cycle Test Booster RX for maximum effectiveness: 8-weeks on (2 bottles) followed by 2-4 weeks off.

Yours in Health & Brotherhood,

- The Fit Father Project 
Customer Success Team