What is the best Creatine Brand?

One of our favorite supplement companies is "Bulk Supplements" on Amazon.com. They are the suppliers for many of the top brands online, and they decided to put up their own direct from manufacturer line to "cut out the middleman." The result: we get the highest quality products at the best prices.

Here is their Creatine Monohydrate (below) that we love:


Their Creatine is absolutely fantastic. It's tested to 99.99% purity form a certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility (cGMP).  It was also independently tested to be one of the most pure products free of heavy metal contaminants (see here).

Oh, and did we mention it's the #1 best value product on the market. A 1kg bag is only $19.96 and contains 400 servings, which should last you 6 months - 1 full year. They set their serving size to 2.5g. We recommend a full 5g serving as supported by the research, so there is effectively 200 full servings per page. As their name suggests, Bulk Supplements does offer even bigger bulk orders for even greater savings, but then you're the guy with the 5kg bag of creatine on his kitchen counter, which could be a great thing if that's how you roll :-)

Happy Muscle Building!

-Dr. Anthony Balduzzi + The FFP Team

P.S. Here's our document on our best-recommended protein powders, because you may be interested in that too: